Modern Toss 1 Case Study: “Sustainable Zine Printing for the Environmentally Conscious and Slightly Miffed”

Let's dive headfirst into "Modern Toss Knowtes Issue 1," where zine printing shows art and
humour can hug trees without getting splinters.
This journey, hand in hand with Ex Why Zed, is all about pushing the boundaries of English
humour, while sticking to recycled materials like glue. First up, this zine's a tidy little number,
size of a decent sandwich, with a cover that screams "I'm recycled, mate!" like a hipster at a
compost convention. It's got this 250gsm Revive cover, feeling like a tree hugged you back,
and the inside's all fancy 120gsm paper – that's posh for paper, innit?
Inside, you're looking at 20 pages of 120gsm Revive 100gsm Recycled. It's a visual feast
with more colour than a unicorn's dream, and the jokes hit harder than your nan's slippers.
The typography does the cha-cha across the pages, leading your eyeballs on a merry dance
from one sarcastic quip to the next.
The Knowtes Print Journey
Now, onto the journey of making this masterpiece. Jon from Modern Toss had a chinwag
with Ex Why Zed and decided to make something a bit special. They talked shop, opted for
100% Recycled uncoated paper, and threw in a bit of that Modern Toss magic.
The final product? It's a bit like finding a tenner in an old coat – pleasantly surprising and
more useful than you first thought. It's a solid example of how to be kind to the planet without
being boring. And for anyone thinking of diving into zine printing, this is your nudge in the
right direction.
So there you have it, Knowtes Issue 1, our new zine that's as eco-conscious as it is
entertaining. It's a bit of a gem in the world of illustrated zines, proving you can have a laugh
while being kind to the planet.
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