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BBC iPlayer Comedy Shorts: The Lady and the Fly 
Created in 2015.
Modern Toss presents The Lady And The Fly: an emotionally charged and lavish six-minute animation with the epic sweep of a classic romantic melodrama. In this groundbreaking tale of inter-species heartbreak, a lovestruck fly falls for the woman of his dreams, only to find himself bound in a web of his own deluded nightmare. Voiced by Mackenzie Crook and Paul Kaye, this Valentine's Day treat will lift you up where you belong, on the wings of a soaring fly
Channel 4 Idents
Series of idents created for Channel 4 in 2012.
Click here to watch Alan introduce a programme for Channel 4.
E4: Work Experience
A 12 minute animation about a young jobseeker wading into the employment market. It explores the gap between what's going on in his apprentice-warped brain and the genuine shines of day to day office life. Luckily, he seems like the sort of bloke who wouldn't let it get him down. Made in 2008 for E4.

BBC iPlayer: How I survived... University
Modern Toss takes on university life in this animated short. Real life students cast as inanimate objects talk about leaving home and their first taste of freedom in Freshers’ Week.
Originally appeared on BBC iPlayer

Channel 4: The Adventures of Robin of Essex
Comedy Blap for Channel 4.
King John's got his eye on Maid Marion but Robin wants his face on her tapestry.
Modern Toss revisits the Robin Hood legend and boldly relocate it to Medieval Essex in this emotionally charged and lavish 6 minute animated production.
Watch it yeah?

Channel 4: Business Mouse Series
Comedy Blap Series for Channel 4: Click here for more episodes
Business Mouse scrambles to get into the egg business after accidentally eating a boiled egg for breakfast. Fresh from the makers of Modern Toss comes a new cartoon idiot in the form of a little mouse built for big business. 
Watch as he blunders his way through deal after deal at rapid pace.