an evening of edwardian chamber filth
Following a conversation with someone in the pub, we decided to dip our toes into the world of showbiz entertainment. The plan was to get an orchestra to play along to a screened selection of our sketches while David School and Simon Greenall voiced Drive-by Abuser and Mr Tourette live on stage. After all the tickets had sold (600 tickets within 24 hours), the church it had been booked into realised what the fuck it was and told us to sling our hook.
Luckily, The Old Market theatre in Brighton stepped in and the show was on again. We only managed to get in one full rehearsal, which finished just as people were queuing up to come in, it went wrong a few times. It's fair to say we both thought about legging it out the side door, but then realised we had to introduce it. Simon Greenall went off script with some quite heavy jokes about his arsehole, which seemed to go down really well.