2012 sneezeman app

In 2012 Modern Toss collaborated with a gaming company making 'Sneezeman Escape from Planet Sneeze'. The game reached the Apple Stores Top 10 Gaming Apps for a day. 
The arcade-style platform game sees players guiding Sneezeman through more than 60 levels across five themed worlds.
Sneezeman must collect pills that help control his sneezing, while evading baddies including zombies, evil clowns and ghosts.
Sadly the game is unavailable to download now.
2009 bt artbox
We re-designed this iconic red telephone box as part of BT Artbox, an exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the charity Chilling. Here's the artist's statement we sent out to BT before they auctioned it off: ' We can imagine a world where everything is visually communicated using a cartoon man drawn onto the form to reflect its function, ie: a restaurant would have a massive mouth drawn on the front of it with a red carpet tongue leading through the front door straight into the eating area. We think this would really focus people's minds on what they were meant to be doing when they were in specific space. We're convinced this is some sort of design breakthrough.'
2010 vice fashion
For some reason, Vice magazine asked us to help them out with some fashion pages. We went for classic minimal fashion room styling; bit of skirting board, bare light bulb and fridge. We saved money on the models' hair and make-up by sticking cartoon heads on them. Perhaps Marks and Spencer should let us have a go at one of their seasonal campaigns. Annie Lennox might look good with something else instead of her head staring out at you.
2017 amex stadium

Brighton and Hove Albion Stadium Toilet Art. Produced for the Amex football stadiums opening in 2017.

Read EYE Magazine's report on the graphics here: 
2009 kickers

"It's not everyday you get asked to work with a piece of iconic footwear is it? We were also impressed to discover that the history of the Kickers brand centred on French students lobbing bricks at each other in the late 1960's."
"We've done a top notch Kick Hi 'red' with two flies licking the stitching and exchanging a topical observation. We've ordered a pair each already. Tasty!"
- Mick Bunnage chatting about the 2009 campaign.
2011 modern cloth
Our next collection of work featured several cloth pieces, including a collaboration with Master Tailor Gresham Blake who made this striking jacket out of 30 tea towels. We sold a version of it to a man who opened an ice cream parlour that sold human breast milk ice cream. Many activities have had clothing designed specifically for their practice; hunting, smoking, submissive sexual role play- but never before has the popular activity of searing been graced with its own garment. 
2011 latitude festival
atom bank