london museum of urban shit-naks
Maverick Showroom 2010
While the 2010 World Cup was on we decided to do a big blow out show in the Maverick Gallery in Shoreditch. The exhibition was a bumper collection of everything we'd done up to that point, with a special appearance from a 12 foot fly. The gallery owner said it was the first time he'd ever heard anyone laugh in his contemporary art space.

For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to draw everyone who came along to the evening events. We drew them on waitress pads so we could keep carbon copies. We probably did a few hundred, here's a selection. (Above, right)
do you want your face as it is, or shall i tart it up a bit?

People can't get enough of getting their faces drawn; they seem to be even more pleased if the finished ting looks nothing like them. But since everyone's got used to doing selfies, people can't be bothered to hang about. The portrait booth is our attempt to make the portrait drawing process both more efficient and less accurate. In it's four year history we reckon we've drawn more people's faces than most artists do in a lifetime. The target figure for a 'sitting' is 18 seconds, unless they start talking, then you've had it.